We are GONE Paranormal, based in Massachusetts/CT

Our goal is to take a Scientific, Spiritual & Practical approach to your paranormal
needs, whether large, or small.

We will take on the difficult investigations or simply help those "stuck" to pass.
Good ghosts, bad ghosts, mischievous ghosts, bad entities, evil entities &
demonic entities - we'll take them on.  

For families:  We want to help everyone to find peace; the living and the dead & will
assist any Ghosts who might need help passing over.  We will do everything in our
power to rid you of the negative entities.  We take the concerns of ALL your family
members seriously.

GONE has also investigated some crazy locations, such as the Colt Firearms
Building in Hartford, CT, the "Witches Cottage", Salem MA, Clapp Memorial Library
(seen on Ghost Hunters)
L-R - Wayne, Walt, Lisa & Charlene (Valerie, above)
Founded by Mother & Daughter, Lisa Lanno &
Valerie Jae in 2009 quite by accident
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Our first actual investigation was through an invitation from
the Clapp Memorial Library, Belchertown MA, featured on
Ghost Hunters in 2007. (Yes, it's haunted!)

Paranormal Bounty Hunters
Hunting Criminals of the Past
& Helping people in Paranormal need
The Team
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YOU decide is something is real or a reflection.  Post your paranormal pictures,
stories, evidence & share with only those who love the paranormal.
Join us on a GHOST HUNT in CT
Saturday, January 17 -
6:00-10:00 PM
This is NOT a ghost tour - it's a full on investigation!
Bring your equipment & investigate with us.  Keep your evidence!
Trinity-on-Main in New Britain
is a church turned theater.
We've already found evidence.  Help us find more & pass over some of the residents
See EVENTS pg for info/tickets
Greetings friends,
I'm Lisa Lanno, a full-time Intuitive Spirit Medium & Paranormal Researcher.

GONE was founded quite by accident, when a client I was reading for had a
ghostly issue.  I dragged my daughter & together we investigated, helping to pass
over the trapped ghost to become a Spirit.

I also work with  individuals, event venues, fundraisers, TV, Radio & families of
the missing/murdered.  See  
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